With more than 40 years of experience in Lebanon we offer you tomorrow’s technology to protect your house.

Our NOVA proposed intrusion detection systems are powerful, smart, quick and easy to use and designed for family use.

The alarm systems can connect multiple types of sensors to cover all the aspects of your security. Network camera to monitor while being away and smart plug to control remotely different lightings and appliances are easy to integrate.

With Smart Following feature, the plugs can run automatically under the preset rules automating the house in very minimal steps.

With more than 200 meters signal coverage and unlimited accessories supported, the system can easily be expanded according to your needs.

Quick installing and easy using, all operations can be done just on your phone to make your life easier and stay connected to your house.

Keep your families and assets safe with our intrusion detection systems.


Easy to use application can be downloaded here
Watch this video to learn how to setup the system