Installation Services: Our Knowhow is your Benefit

Dantziguian Hrayr Automation Systems offers installation services for all its systems in Lebanon and on project basis wherever needed.

All a customer needs to do is to contact us and let our skilled experts take care of the rest! We will send a team to pay you a visit, study the location and set the adequate installation plan to ensure the best results. The process is quick, reliable and highly professional, and always following international norms such as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) or EN 16005 which guarantees ultimate customer satisfaction and safety.

The main benefit for those who request DHAS installations of the various systems is having all fine tunings done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and based on the site conditions.

DHAS technicians are licensed professionals that treat your site with respect. Our technicians receive extensive certification and training, and when they install a security system, automatic gate, or any other of our product range, customers can expect professional installation and cleanup.

Integrity and professionalism has enabled us to be recognized as one of the best automation companies in Lebanon


Installation Services:

  • Detailed study of the location
  • Round-the-clock readiness
  • Scheduled installation visits
  • Followed by maintenance contracts



  • Professional expertise
  • On the ground fine tuning
  • Neat installation
  • Untroubled operations