If you are looking to achieve an aesthetic appeal first and foremost, a swing gate is probably your best option. Swing gates differ from other types of gates in that they are easy on the eyes. With an endless list of designs to choose from, a swing gate can be practically customized to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. Typically used to control traffic through private properties such as villas, swing gates can as well be used in high traffic applications. Coming in a single leaf or a double leaf version.

The automation used for swing gates generally falls under two arrangements: side mounted drives and underground drives. Side mounted drives require the least preparation and can be fitted to an existing structure. However, when strict side space requirements have to be dealt with, underground drives are an easy solution that comes with the added benefit of being fully concealed underground. Ultimately, though, the type of drive used is dictated by two factors: the weight of the leaf and its width.

As with any automated gate, safety is a crucial factor. With multiple danger points to look for, a swing gate operator is equipped with several sensors to monitor the danger areas, so that, no matter the position of the gate, you can rest assured that no harm is caused to anyone. Whether it is an infrared detector, an underground loop, or a get-mounted sensitive edge, the safety system is specifically designed to that particular application.

Nevertheless, swings gates come with one restriction: the gate should have sufficient space to move from the open position to the closed position and vice versa. Typically, you’ll need to have a square area, with the side of the square equal to the gate opening to be able to install a swing gate. Sloping roads are also a consideration, but not necessarily an obstacle.

We at DHAS will provide you with a tailor-made solution specific to your needs, all while putting your safety first. Unless the laws of physics say otherwise, we can implement it.