Sliding gates are among the most robust gate solutions that you can use to control access to your premises. Thanks to their ease of operation and mechanically smooth movement, sliding gates are optimal for relatively high traffic applications with light to medium gate designs.

The automation system of the sliding gate can be custom-made as per the client’s requirements, however stringent they may be. The operation of the gate is intuitively simple, with a drive moving the gate to either the open, closed, or partially open position, through the use of appropriate command devices. The control of the gate can also be customized, with endless possibilities to the way to implement it. Whether a simple radio frequency remote controller, integration to an existing intercom or home automation system, or a fully-fledged access control system, you name it, we’ll do it.

Safety is always vital with any automatic gate, and the particular components are tailored to the needs of the application, whether it is contactless sensors for people or vehicles, or contact based means through the use of sensitive edge and/or force detection. Whatever the means are, safety remains of paramount importance.

The choice of installing a sliding gate ultimately depends on the space available. Sliding gates have the advantage of allowing for quick traffic passage even for very large gates. The only catch is that you should have enough space next to the gate for the parking position.

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