Compactness, beauty, and modularity: that’s the name of the game with sectional doors. Aesthetically pleasing, modular to install and repair, and easily fitted to just about any existing structure, sectional doors are the most robust door solution on the market that can meet pretty much any customer’s needs. Whether it is a villa with a rarely used garage door, or the entrance of a multi-story parking, sectional doors are the answer.

A sectional door consists of several panels, vertically assembled on top of each other, made-up in a tongue-in groove fashion, and fitted with the necessary accessories to allow for the vertical movement of the panels within the corresponding and typical inverted L shape configuration. The doors are supported mechanically by torsion springs that make moving the door easy even in when there is no power, although they are basically fully automated to give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on the things in life that matter to you.

Sectional doors can be configured with different kinds of automation to meet the intended installation purposes. Lightweight operation with limited cycles per day can be met with robust drives that are true workhorses of the industry. Intensive use application is easily achieved through heavy duty, three-phase drives. In either case, the doors are equipped with high cycle counterbalance springs for long-life operation. Also, as with other forms of automatic gates, the controlling of a sectional door can be achieved to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients, be it a simple remote control system, a stand-alone card reader, or a fully integrated home automation system.

With sectional doors, safety is a priority. This is especially true thanks to the vertical nature of the route of the gate. DHAS does not content itself with the use of cables with high safety factors; it’s just not enough. All sectional doors are equipped with both cable break and spring break devices so that you remain safe at all times, whatever the nature of the mechanical failure. Also, just like with other types of gates, a sectional door is equipped, as a standard, with an infrared red photo beam sensor, a sensitive edge, and force monitoring at the drive, but that’s not all: no matter what your concerns might be, we have a solution that is sure to leave you both safe and satisfied.

Choosing a sectional door depends on three main factors: compactness, effectiveness, and esthetic appeal. On all three fronts, sectional doors always deliver. Whether it is a low headroom above the door, a raised one, a roof, or even an inclined one: the door tracks can be configured to meet any site conditions. Also, whether you have standard powered coated sandwich panels, aluminum frame rungs with your choice of filling, or even 100% wooden panels, you can have a sectional door customized to your liking.

Here at DHAS, not only are we the pioneer providers of sectional doors in the country; but we also offer a fully customized solution, tailored to you needs, guaranteed to meet your expectations. Our commitment to offering you a personalized service will most definitely make your experience a hassle-free one for the entire lifespan of the door.

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