When space is tight, when the elements are harsh, or when simply a more conventional solution is required, a rolling shutter is the answer. Robust by nature, this workhorse of old has not lost a step; if anything, it has improved upon its predecessors.

Naturally chosen where headroom is tight and space is at a premium, rolling shutters have evolved to cover more appearance-oriented applications. Constructed of slats made in either aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel, and fitted to cover applications where insulation or ventilation is required, the rolling shutter is constructed of slide-only slats that are designed to prevent misplacement or vandalism. Running in tracks specifically designed to change to later movement of the slats, the rolling shutter provides a seamless operation that is sure to grant you peace of mind.

When it comes to rolling shutters, only the best drives will do. Exclusively three-phase based, these high torque drives enjoy the necessary power and longevity to guarantee long life for the shutter. The heavy duty nature of these drives is only matched by their easy use and their high level of built-in safety. Current monitoring ensures that lift protection of objects or people is avoided, while the operation of the doors can be adapted to your requirements, where any combination of remote control, push button station, access control, or home automation can be achieved.

Safety is our top priority when installing a rolling shutter. For that, it’s not just about the drive current monitoring. The fact is it only begins there: as a standard, rolling shutters come equipped with infrared photo beam sensors and sensitive edges, and the drives are equipped with safety catching brakes to ensure that even when the drive fails, the shutter won’t. And if that’s not enough, anti-draw sensors and loop detectors are also available. The combinations are endless; whatever your needs, we have a solution that guarantees your absolute satisfaction.

We at DHAS thrive to implement our “once a client, always a client” philosophy. Our approach to do so? It’s dead simple: our commitment to our clients supersedes all other matters. So contact us, and we’ll be glad come up with a solution guaranteed to make you satisfied, as we believe in having repeat customers, just not for the exact some product!