When arm barriers are not enough, when conventional gates won’t work, and when simply an out-of-the-box solution is required to secure your premises, rising bollards are the way to go. Coming both in pneumatic and hydraulic versions, not only do rising bollards guarantee security, but they also provide traffic flow. Whether it is an embassy with limited traffic flow, or it is an office complex, rising bollards can be used to both regulate traffic and prevent unauthorized access.

Rising bollards basically consist of a pressure-driven piston moving a steel cylinder, contracted to match the specific security requirements. They also come in different sizes and construction to cater for the various needs of customers, from low level security and esthetically pleasing bollards, to high level crash test rated bollards. And no matter what the particular design chosen is, the bollards can be equipped with a driving system that can match any expected traffic load.

The choice of controlling the bollards is independent of the type of bollards chosen. Just like any gate, the possibilities for controlling the bollards are endless. Whether it is providing your security personnel with remote controls to move the bollards, or allowing for individual passage through an access control system, the method of controlling the bollards can be bespoke.

When it comes to rising bollards, safety is as important as security. In all but the most stringent security applications, you won’t want the bollard to rise in case there is a car on top of it. This can be achieved through underground loop detectors, infrared photo beams, or a combination of both. If that’s not enough, customized safety measures can be made to ensure that, while maintaining a secure facility, inadvertent harm to people and vehicles is avoided.

With DHAS, our motto is to “listen and deliver”. Our fully customized solution is only matched by our commitment to seeing that your needs are met to your full satisfaction.