Traditionally, overhead doors have been the go-to solution for garage doors for a long time. However, with the arrival of sectional doors and then their prevalence, overhead doors lost the huge popularity they used to enjoy. Still, they retain a unique appeal to naturalists and traditionalists.

Overhead doors are compactly and elegantly described by their name. Typically constructed of a single piece covering the entire opening, overhead doors can be manufactured to fold in half or somewhere thereabout. The door runs in vertical tracks, where a partially protruding or fully recessed parking position can be achieved once the door opens completely. Compensating for the door weight through counterweights, the door is automated by an elegant drive that leaves no fingerprint on the overall look of the garage.

Moreover, overhead doors can be customized to just about any application. Whether it is a wooden finish you are looking for, a more traditional painted sheet metal effect, or even a ventilated/louvered door, you will always find an overhead door that best suits your needs. However, these doors are intended for use in light traffic applications, such as villas or small residential complexes, but if it is intensive use that you are looking for, and you don’t want to sacrifice the look of an overhead door, then you need not worry; you will be offered what you desire.

Controlling an overhead door is never a concern. Whether you are looking for a remote control, integration with a video intercom, or control through a home automation system, you can enjoy a personalized control of the overhead door you purchase. Also, and just with other kinds of automatic gates, safety is always a priority. Infrared photo beams and sensitive edges are standard with the overhead doors’ installation, while more sophisticated sensors can as well be installed to attend to any and all concerns that you might have.

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