Lightning Protection Solutions by DHAS - Lebanon

Lightning strokes are inevitable, so is the damage caused by them if no lightning protection system is installed. The latter ensures the lightning current travels through a designated path. It neither attracts nor repels a lightning strike, but simply intercepts and guides the current harmlessly to ground.

It is noteworthy that a lightning protection system is made up of several components.

Air Terminals (a.k.a. Lightning Rods)
Inconspicuous slender rods installed on the roof at regular intervals as defined by industry standards.
Aluminum or copper cables that interconnect the air terminals and the other system components.

Did you know?
Lightening packs between 35,000 to 40,000 amperes of current.
It can generate temperatures as high as 50,000 °C.
It falls anywhere around the world once every second.
It travels as far as 60 Km.
It can and does strike the same place twice or more.
It causes billions of Dollars in property damage every year, given its ability to start a fire and result in total property loss.