Access Control Security system keypad lebanon

The use of access control is very wide, as it ranges from a simple gate in a private parking, to highly secure military facilities. Used in hospitals to tag the patients, it is the best way to keep track of the person’s location at any time, making sure they are always in a safe place. Access control systems can also be used to access the lobby of an ATM, using only one’s bank credit card. This use of access control is the best solution for keeping individuals safe as they conduct their ATM transactions.

Access Control Systems are implemented at every point where it is a requirement to control who comes in and who goes out. In the prospect of fitting the best system to the needs of the customers, three different systems are available:

Access Control different sizes:

Small business solution where up to 16 readers are required to operate doors:

Those systems are standalone and can be interconnected. They can either have software running on a linked computer with a control over the database, or be programmed using special cards or a keyboard directly linked to the controller.

Whenever a computer is used for data management, we highly recommend linking it to the Human Resources application, which allows the Access Control system to be used as a time attendance as well.

Medium sized enterprise systems where up to 128 readers are required to operate doors:

Generally chosen for access control by customers, an average sized system will be able to handle more transactions in its memory, providing system expansion and centralization of the site: a company with its headquarters in a city will be able to control its different branches around the country using standard phone lines, or even handle controllers via TCP-IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) which handles end-to-end connectivity. Basic Input/output modules are implemented in such systems, allowing interaction with the BMS of the premises. In such cases, lights can be turned on and off, air control might run, and even CCTV might be triggered, allowing high levels of security.

Large sized enterprise systems where the number of readers required exceeds 128:

For such enterprises, the state-of-the-art access control systems which DHAS boasts of meet all the protection, safety and security needs of a building. Military, governmental or high risk companies (petrol, gas…) should consider implementing such systems which allow full and unlimited control on all movements taking place in their premises, or in premises which would be linked to the main system. Such systems would also be recommended for multi-company shared buildings, where one unique system would be fitted, resulting in a major cost reduction for the company, all while not compromising the security of the employees and the building.


Biometrics can be integrated to mid-sized and large sized systems. In today’s world, biometrics are the most secure way to control personnel accessing special areas.

There are many options available at DHAS to meet the high-end security requirements: Finger scan – which is one of the oldest technologies, or palm recognition are the most required ones for small applications such as time attendance. When high-end identification for Access Control is required, DHAS Engineers will gladly assist you in choosing other, more intricate systems such as Voice, Face or Iris recognition.


With over 25 years of experience in access control, DHAS engineers keep themselves up-to-date, learning all about high tech news to be able to analyze your requirements more professionally and offer you the solution that is most convenient to you.