Consulting for Modernization: We are here for You

Given the ever-expanding need of the market, we extended our range of services to include not only our remarkable installation and maintenance, but also consulting, advising and problem solving. Trained by our suppliers for more than 3 decades, our skillful team is always ready to assist you in any way possible, offering product-related advice and ideas.
The support of our specialist manufacturing partners allows us to always provide cutting-edge technology to meet the most challenging design requirements, in a way to fill the gap between the aesthetic needs and the performance requirements of the systems.
Automation safety regulations and standards change over time as do end user requirements. One of the challenges of aging buildings is to keep up with today’s technology to become environment-friendly while providing its inhabitants with ease of access and comfort.
We at DHAS provide inspection and risk assessment services that measure your current automation and security systems for compliance, offering access to the latest technology and helping you benefit from improved safety, efficiency and user comfort.

Consulting Services:

• Support in your system designs
• Based on market standards
• Using cutting-edge technology
• Risk assessment
• Modernization


• Project planning assistance
• Problem solving
• Providing advice for the best use our products
• Green building
• Up-to-date safety regulations